Thursday, August 7, 2014

Morgana, Gordurinha, Gilda Lopes on magazine covers...

Sticker books were very popular in the 1940s and 1950s in Brazil. Especially those that dealt with popular singers and sportsmen. Some times one had sticker albums of very popular movies like Spanish 'Marcelino pan y vino' and Hollywood's 'The Ten Commendaments'.

Idolos do Rádio e da TV in 1958 by Editora Vecchi
1950's Balas Futebol - 1958's Marcelino pão e vinho
Gordurinha's sticker
Anísio Silva in 1959 when he was King
Conjunto Alvorada - Moacyr Franco - Carlos Gonzaga - Gilda Lopes 
Suzanne Pleshette in 1963 she was Princesses - Idalina de Oliveira and her famous coiffure 
Gilda Lopes - Roberto Luna being fed nicotine by Marisa Barroso 
Rita Pavone 
Maysa - Aída Curi 
Tony Campello in 1965 - Luely Figueiró in 1959.

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