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Sylvia Telles tells she went to see Dr. Urbano Fabrini and had major cosmetic surgery done on her on 19 October 1963 at Clinica Pio XII where she stayed for 2 days and then more than a month at home to get over. 

Here's what she says about the operation: "Não fiz apenas 4 operações, fui mais longe: fiz seis! Afilei o nariz, amendoei ligeiramente os olhos, perdi o duplo queixo (papinho), tirei um pedaço de osso da bacia e enxertei no queixo. Enfim, pode-se dizer que fiz uma recauchutagem geral!

'Revista do Radio' #576 - 1960.

Radiolandia's Comadre Eudóxia gossip about the difference between Sylvia Telles and Doris Monteiro - 1958. 

Sylvia Telles, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Roberto Menescal & Marcos Valle at RCA Victor studios in Rio de Janeiro in 1964. 

1964 calendar - January 28: Lucio Alves; February 16 Martha Mendonça; March 29: Demetrius; April 12: Chico Anysio; May 23rd: Sylvio Caldas; June 6: Cesar de Alencar; July 18: Tito Madi; August 19: Aracy de Almeida; September 30: Abelardo Barbosa (Chacrinha); October 7: Jose Messias; November 29: Walter D'Avila; December 11: Cesar Ladeira.

18 January 1964 - 'Revista do Radio' shows new face Altemar Dutra who was hailed as 1963 'best new-face' with his bride Martha Mendonça who had been charting since mid-1961. They eventually tied the knot and had a long marriage which ended when Altemar died of a heart attack on 9 November 1983 while on a singing tour in New York, U.S.A.; on the right: Revista do Radio's teen-ager's page written by Carlos Imperial, a Brazilian rock'n'roll pioneer posts some of the best-selling records around the world: 'Dominique' was #1 in the USA; Alain Barriere's 'Elle etai si jolie' was #1 in France; Michele's 'Se mi vuoi lasciare' was #1 in Italy and Gerry & the Pacemakers were #1 in the U.K. with 'You'll never walk alone'. 

singer-song-writer Monsueto Menezes seen through a key-hole: was born on 4 November 1924; more than 6 foot tall; tells he prefers the colour green; had a lot of fun when he visited Punta del Este in Uruguay; he owns a Ford 1954 white & blue; says the Lord's Prayer and Hail Mary before he falls asleep.; on the right: singer Linda Rodrigues show how elegant she is. 

Cy Manifold (Ciril Manifold Dover) was born on 27 April 1929, in Georgetown, Guyana. In 1952 while singing at an Anglican Church choir he met 4 other guys and formed a vocal group called The Four Lords - David Gordon, Billy Moore, Artie Bell and Johnny Bradford. In June 1958 they performed in Boa Vista, Rio Branco in Brazil. Then they went to Manaus-AM, Belém-PA, São Luiz-MA, Fortaleza-CE, Natal-RN, João Pessoa-PB, Recife-PE; Maceió-AL, Aracajú-SE, Salvador-BA and São Paulo-SP. Later on in Rio de Janeiro they sang at posh night-clubs like Fred's and Plaza. Cy Manifold eventually pursued a solo career recording youth-oriented rhythms like rock'n'roll, twist and hully-gully.

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