Sunday, April 3, 2016

14 April 1962 - Cauby Peixoto & Doris Monteiro & Leny Eversong

Cosmetic surgery was all the rage in 1962... nose jobs were done by the dozen.; right: football player Hilderaldo Bellini who became really popular at FIFA's 1958 World Cup finally gives in to Cupid. He met his future wife Gizela Rodrigues de Oliveira in Itapira-SP his hometown. He had managed to stay single until the age of 31 but now is about to tie the knot. Gizela apparently knows how to play the piano.

Cosmetic surgery aka plastic surgery became very popular among Brazilian performers in the early 1960s. It was a craze that lots of people indulged in and bragged about. Revista do Radio 14 April 1962 had Cauby Peixoto & Doris Monteiro on its cover talking about their nose jobs and did not make any bones about it. According to the text singer Neusa Maria was one of the first to have a nose job done by Dr. Urbano Fabrini followed closely by Renata Fronzi, Marlene, show-girl Dilma Cunha and comedienne Zezé Macedo.

Leny Eversong declares a Fat Woman can and should be elegant...

This young lady makes Sao Paulo laugh... an article about comedienne Zelia Cardoso who became really popular in Sao Paulo usually playing a butch type smoking a cigar and talking the way gangsters do in comedy skits on Channel 5, TV Paulista. She was born on 18 March 1936 being the baby after 2 brothers and 1 sister.

Talented comedienne Nancy Wanderley who had been married to writer-comedian Chico Anysio for 5 year was left by him who found a new interest in show-girl Rose Rondelli; the best selling single in the country on 14 April 1962 was 'Poema' belted out by tenor Renato Guimarães.

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