Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Carioca, F&F, Cruzeiro, Manchete

Laura Suarez in Carioca - 27 September 1941; Miranda & Dave Sebastian Carioca 12 May 1949.
Christmas1952 - Emilinha Borba, Linda Baptista, Lenita Bruno e Marlene pose with their Xmas trees; Linda Baptista in an Ecktachrome for Radiolândia in 1953. Linda could not control her eating habits and was getting fatter by the minute.

'Vamos Cantar' - August 1959 & 1961.
Luely Figueiró in Fatos & Fotos 1961 & 1963.

Oscarito & Eliana in Manchete; Marcelino pão e vinho's Pablito Calvo in Rio.
Doris Monteiro gets married in October 1954; Abelardo 'Chacrinha' Barbosa is her best man. 

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