Wednesday, March 29, 2017

'Revista do Radio' staff in January 1953

Revista do Radio 10 February 1953; Anselmo Domingos was its director; Borelli Filho its newsroom chief and Oscar Max Erhardt its manager.
from left to right: Sao Paulo's TV Record MC Blota Junior, Paulo Machado de Carvalho Filho, its manager, Mario Julio, Revista do Radio's Sao Paulo bureau chief & Anselmo Domingos, the magazine's diretor. 

Newsroom staff... 
from left to right: Max Gold, writer of many articles for the magazine and as of August 1956 the responsible for the Hit Parade page; journalist & lyricist Jair Amorim who wrote 'Discos na Revista', a page about the recording industry; journalist & song-writer Rene Bittencourt writes 'Feira de amostras'; Luiz Lopes, reports on news items and gossip bits; Wilson Angelo writes from Minas Gerais; Mario Julio reports from Sao Paulo. 

from left to right: Max Gold, Almeida Rego, Anselmo Domingos, actress Norma Geraldy who debuts at Radio Guanabara plus radio-actor Claudio Nonelli & columnist Roberto Ruiz

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