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1965 - 'O Fino da Bossa'

9 May 1965 - Maria Della Costa plays Marilyn Monroe in Arthur Miller's 'After the fall' (Depois da queda) with Carlos Alberto playin the male part; Italian singer Nico Fidenco is back in S.Paulo from 12 to 16 May 1965.  

23 May 1965 - new musical show 'O Fino da Bossa' is video-recorded on Monday, 24 May 1965. Singer Elis Regina (her name's misspelt as Ellis Regina) emecees and sings at the 1 hour programme where she introduces North-American dancer-singer Lennie Dale, songwriter-singer Ataulfo Alves, Jair Rodrigues plus Zimbo Trio and Tamba Trio; Jewish singer Hanna Ahroni performs at Teatro Record the rest of the week, from Tue through to Saturday. 

30 May 1965 - 2nd 'O Fino da Bossa' video-taped on Teatro Record on 31 May 1965; 'Noites de Bossa' return at Teatro de Arena with Ze Keti, Geraldo Cunha & Macalé. 

6 June 1965 - Elis Regina commands 'O Fino da Bossa' for the 3rd time introducing Edu Lobo (who everyone knew was her favourite person then), vocal group Os Cariocas, Maria Bethania, Ary Toledo (maybe that's the night he recorded 'Pau de arara' his #1 hit and old timer Orlando Silva

4 July 1965 -  8th edition of 'O Fino da Bossa'; it has been now 2 months of Elis Regina's triumph every Monday at Teatro Record; Cine Aurea, on Rua Aurora entered a new phase, that of showing Soviet movies that became popular among S.Paulo intelligentsia after its Festival in 1962. Pavel Klushantsev's 1962's 'Planeta Bur' (O planeta das tempestades) started the new cycle.

4 July 1965 - At Cine Picolino, on Rua Augusta, a Czech Film Festival with Vojtech Jasny's 'Az prijde kocour' (Um dia, um gato); 1963's 'Boxer a smrt' (O boxeador e a morte); Jan Kadar's 1963's 'Smrt si rika Engelchen' (A morte se chama Engelchen) and Cestmir Mlikovsky's 1963's 'Okurkovy hrdina' (O heroi de pepinos).

Mokol, the cat with a boy; Emilia Vasaryova in 'Az prijde kocour'

Stefan Kvietik in 'Boxer a smrt'
Jan Kacer in 'Smrt si rika Engelchen'

Cestmir Mlikovsky's 'The cucumber hero'

Pery Ribeiro, Luiza & Chico Feitosa; Orlando Alvarado.
Tarciso Meira, Maria Helena Dias, Marlene França, Karin Rodrigues.

4 July 1965 - Even though Brazil lived under a military dictatorship since April 1964, the theatre scene was really good. Some plays like Maxim Gorki's 'The petty bourgeois' (Pequenos burgueses) staged by Teatro Oficina had already been banned but things were still happening. Odeon recording artist Pery Ribeiro, Luiza (RCA) & Chico Feitosa at Teatro Paramount with 'Reação' (Reaction); Spanish dancing at TBC with Orlando Alvarado who soon would become a popular rock singer at 'Jovem Guarda'; Tarciso Meira, Maria Helena Dias, Marlene França & Karin Rodrigues in Clifford Odets's 1949's 'The big knife' (A grande chantagem) at Teatro Oficina; show-girls galore at Teatro Esplanada in 'Chica da Silva '65' with Anilza Leoni, Salome Parisio, Renato Restier; at Teatro 5a. Avenida, comedian Costinha was the star in the revue 'Me dá um tijolinho ai'; at Teatro Natal another classic revue: 'Lilili no Lólóló'.

                                              11 July 1965                              25 July 1965

25 July 1965 - at 'O Fino da Bossa', Elis Regina hosts Zé Keti straight from the play 'Opinião' plus Oscar Castro Neves and song-writer & guitarrist Theo.

31 July 1965 - Brazilian singer Astrud Gilberto (former Mrs. João Gilberto) who reached #5 at Billboard with 'The girl from Ipanema' on 18 July 1964 is signed up by TV Record as a foreign act and sings twice on the Saturday. The opening acts were the best possible: Lennie Dale, Alaide Costa, Chico Buarque de Hollanda, Taiguara and virtuoso guitarrist Rosinha de Valença. 

29 August 1965 - entertainer Ary Toledo sings Carlos Lyra & Vinicius de Moraes's 'Pau de arara' from the play 'Pobre menina rica' accompanied by his guitar; Fermata records it, releases as a single (compacto-simples) and goes to # 1 in the charts for a few weeks; singer songwriter Geraldo Vandré who had a #1 hit in 1963 with Vinicius de Moraes & Baden Powell's 'Samba em preludio' performs tonigh; guitar virtusoso Rosinha de Valença usually shines every time she plays.

29 August 1965 - It usually took a year before major films were released in Brazil but Cliff Richard's 'Summer holiday' here dubbed 'Tudo começou em Paris' (It all began in Paris) was shot in 1962 and released in the UK in January 1963.

5 September 1965 - old timer Aracy Cortes, the same who had been Carmen Miranda's rival in the 1930s is back in style with Clementina de Jesus, a community singer who was 'discovered' when she was in her 70s plus young hopefuls like Paulinho da Viola and Elton Medeiros star in 'Rosa de Ouro', a samba review that was very successful in Rio de Janeiro; See that Elis Regina hosts Elizeth Cardoso at 'O Fino da Bossa'. Elizeth would soon get her own weekly show at TV Record titled 'Bossaudade' where she would be the host alongside Cyro Monteiro of all those old timer from the 1930s and 1940s.

5 September 1965 - Sunday afternoon TV Record's 'Jovem Guarda' has its 3rd show with Roberto Carlos introducing acts like Trio Esperança, Regina Celia, Agnaldo Timóteo, Ronnie Cord, Tony Campello, Rosemary, Wanderly Regina and Gerson & Angelica; Vittorio Gassman performs 'Solitudine' (Solidão) in Italian at Teatro Municipal on 10 & 11 September with Fred Bongusto and his combo making the music; 'Kennen Sie die Milchstrasse?' in German at Teatro Aliança Francesa; if you felt like exercising your French you could go and see 'Voulez-vous jouer avec moâ?'.

11 September 1965 - 'Tudo ou nada' is actually a French movie 'Le tout pour le tout' filmed in Rio, S.Paulo and Bahia by director Patrice Dally. Brazilian actors like Paulo Autran and Sady Cabral were featured in it.

11 September 1965 -

12 September 1965 - Brazilian rock TV show 'Jovem Guarda' started on Sunday, 22 August 1965. The line-up on the 4th show had 16 different acts plus Roberto Carlos its MC and highest priest; at Teatro Brasileiro de Comedia, one could see Maria Bethania, her brother Caetano Veloso plus Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa aka Maria da Graça and Tom Ze in 'Arena canta Bahia'; 'Arena canta Zumbi' written by Gianfrancesco Guarnieri with music supplied by Edu Lobo with Gianfrancesco himself, Lima Duarte, Marilia Medalha; at Teatro Oficina one could see Paulinho da Viola, Clementina de Jesus, Aracy Cortes & others in 'Rosa de Ouro'; on Monday one could see the best of Brazilian pop music in 'O Fino da Bossa' meceed by none other than Elis Regina whose name was still mispelt as Ellis! As 'O Fino' was taped on Monday when traditionally is a theatre off-day, most musical acts from plays doing the town would eventually show up at Teatro Record on Rua da Consolação. São Paulo was a fine city.

19 September 1965 - pop singer Alaide Costa sings medieval ballads at Teatro Municipal on the Sunday and is hosted by Elis Regina at 'O Fino da Bossa' on the Monday.

19 September 1965 - 'Carcará' with Maria Bethania was such a smash hit that even burlesque theatre would poke fun at its 'Pega, mata e come...' refrain! Show-girl Marly Marley would not miss it for the world along with her 'Carcará's girls' at Teatro 5a. Avenida; at 'O Fino da Bossa' on Monday, 20 September 1965, Stan Getz played his saxophone, Carlos Lyra presented his beautiful songs while Alaide Costa sang the medieval ballads she had shown at Theatro Municipal the night before.

26 September 1965 - TV Record's Anniversary Show, a 3-hour extravaganza with their best acts under contract. I had 4 big weekly musical-shows on air with a cast of hundreds: 'O Fino da Bossa' on Wednesday, 'Bossaudade' on Thursday nights and the older 'Astros do Disco' on Saturday. 

                                            3 Oct 1965                                        10 Oct 1965 

3 October 1965 - Elis Regina introduces a very special guest: 1950's most popular Brazilian female singer, Angela Maria who argueably influenced a new breed of girls who were coming of age vocally at her reign from 1954 to 1958. Pery Ribeiro whose mother Dalva de Oliveira was Brazil's number one female singer in the 1940s is a regular Elis Regina's guest having even recorded a duet with her in Tom Jobim's 'Discussão'. Note that after 'O Fino da Bossa''s taping Elis Regina and Zimbo Trio would stay on stage to do some 20-plus songs and record them for a new album por Philips. 

10 October 1965 - 'Com musica e esperança' (Kimi mo shusse ga deriku) Japan's own 'West Side Story' is shown at Cine Scala. 

                                          17 October 1965                                24 October 1965

23 Octobert 1965 - 22nd and 23rd editon of 'O Fino da Bossa'; See that on 24th Oct. Chico Buarque de Hollanda's name is misspelt as Chico Duarte; see that besides the weekly TV show Elis Regina performed at other events like this 'IV Festival da Balança' at Clube Pinheiros on 27th Oct. 65 with a millionaire cast; Maria Bethania premiere a new show 'Tempo de guerra' at Teatro Oficina written by Gianfracesco Guarnieri with music by Edu Lobo

30 October 1965 - 'Quanto mais musculos melhor' (Muscle Beach Party) was the usual 'beach bunch' with Frankie Avalon & Annette Funicello.

31 October 1965 - Argentine dancer turned singer Orlando Alvarado is invited to be a guest at Jovem Guarda where he sang his cover of Palito Ortega's 'Bienvenido amor' which was high in the charts. This is actually the last add TV Record placed at Estadao; On Monday, 1st of November '65, Elis Regina introduces Leny Andrade & Pery Ribeiro plus guitar players Rosinha de Valença and Silvio Santisteban

4 November 1965 - It seems like Cine Aurea's new phase was short-lived. Soviet films found a new house at Cine Eden starting with Andrei Torkovski's 'A infância de Ivan'.

7 November 1965 - MGM's 'Get yourself a college girl' became 'Turma Bossa Nova' in Portuguese. Maybe because it had Brazil's own Astrud Gilberto singing 'Girl from Ipanema' among rock groups and rhythm'n'blues combos. 

7 November 1965 - TV Record, Channel 7 presented (for the 1st time) what would become its monthly extravaganza called 'Show do dia 7' where they showcased all their fabulous cast of singers, musicians, comedians etc.; 'O Fino da Bossa' on Monday had Miltinho, Paulinho Nogueira, Rosinha de Valença and Maria Bethania, who stepped on Teatro Oficina's stage every night with 'Tempo de Guerra

7 November 1965 - Times were a-changing for circus people on TV. There was a time, some 3 years before when Clown Arrelia's Circus had a top-rating TV programme on Channel 7 on Sunday afternoons. Now Arrelia plus Pimentinha (his sidekick), Henrique and Seyssel Family of clowns played at Ibirapuera's arena. Soon they would literally vanish and circus would only be in the outskirts of town to utterly die out before the 1970s ended. 

13 November 1965 - at Cine Republica a typical Paulista movie: Geraldo Vietri's 'Quatro brasileiros em Paris' having the whole cast of TV Tupi's telenovelas like Amilton Fernandes & Guy Lupe who were the romantic pair in 'O direito de nascer', Sergio Galvão who was a Radio Bandeirantes DJ who played rock music; heart throb Jean Carlo, 'bad girl' Georgia Gomide who made a point of playing 'evil women' and Laura Cardoso who would have one of the longest career in Brazilian show business ever.

5 November 1965 - At Cine Marrocos, Carlos Hugo Christensen's 'Viagem aos seios de Duilia' with Rodolfo Mayer and Nathalia Timberg; at Cine Marabá, another Brazilian production: 'A desforra' with Mara di Carlo, Rildo Gonçalves, Jacqueline Myrna, Guy Lupe & Tarciso Meira.

                                            21 Nov 1965                                           28 Nov 1965

21 November 1965 - 'O Fino da Bossa' here is seen as theatre play that is in its 27th week of glorious success. Jorge Ben is the attraction tonight.

28 November 1965 - 'O Fino' with Billy Blanco and Orquestra Carlos Piper in its 28th week.

5 December 1965 - Bossa Nova's João Gilberto is the highlight of 'Show do Dia 7' in December 1965.

5 December 1965 - At Teatro Maria Della Costa, Paulo Autran shouts 'Liberdade, Liberdade' written by Millor Fernandes & Flavio Rangel with Jairo Arco e Flexa, Claudia and Tereza Rachel. It was originally staged in Rio de Janekiro by Grupo Opinião with Nara Leão & Oduvaldo Vianna Filho; at Teatro Paramount, guitar virtuoso Baden Powell says good-bye to his fans before flying to the USA; Guerra Peixe and his String Quartet plus Jongo Trio and Dulce Nunes complete the scene.

5 December 1965 - Maria Helena Dias & Gaetano Gherardi in 'Como matar seu marido' at Teatro Esplanada; at Teatro Aliança Francesa, Shakespeare's 'The taming of the shrew' (A megera domada) with Armando Bogus, Irina Grecco, Regina Duarte & Odavlas Petti.

12 December 1965 - This is the last time TV Record send a 'Jovem Guarda' ad to Estadao. See that Cauby Peixoto is Roberto Carlos's special guest star. Cauby was not exactly a 'rock singer' but he had sung a rock tune in 1959's flick 'Minha sogra é da policia' in which rock-agitator Carlos Imperial took part along with his proteges Roberto Carlos & Erasmo Carlos who were now stars on their own right; João Gilberto performs at Teatro Record on Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday 19 December 1965. Gilberto had been living in the USA since late 1962 and was considered a 'foreign attraction' by now.

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