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Paulo Serrano

Paulo Serrano was one of the many crooners that popped up in the 1930s when radio broadcasting in Brazil -  we're talking here about Rio de Janeiro - was still in its infancy. He was signed by Radio Nacional circa 1936, and was known to sing Mexican and Neapolitan songs.

Ruy Cartier was born on 12 March 1908, in Rio Grande do Sul. His older brother Horacio Cartier nee João Cartier - was an established author.

His younger brother was Luiz Cartier later known as Louis Serrano who lived in Hollywood, California most of his life reporting about the movie business to publications like Cinelândia & Filmelândia.

'Carioca' says Paulo Serrano went to a Jesuit school, was tutored by Erminio Meyer and studied music with Luiz Cosme.  

'Carioca' magazine 1936 says Paulo Serrano is now signed to Radio nacional. 

'Carioca' gives a list of performers using pseudonyms and their real names. Paulo Serrano's real name was Ruy Cartier whose brother Horacio Cartier was an author but whose real name was João; on the left a dark Paulo Serrano portrait by 'Carioca'.

Paulo Serrano talks to 'Carioca' about his love for Brazilian music and why he chose to sing Spanish and Neapolitan songs instead. Paulo also talks about his role at 'Alegria' a film shot in Rio by Oduvaldo Vianna in which he sings a Radamés Gnatalli song. 

Serrano stresses his love for his native Rio Grande do Sul, Gnatalli and Luiz Cosme. He says 'Tito Schippa is the greatest singer of Spanish songs. I think Charlo is the most interesting singer of Argentine songs even though I love Agustin Magaldi too'. 

Paulo Serrano started his singing career at Radio Nacional but now he's signed by Radio Cruzeiro do Sul

Paulo would leave off crooning to become the boss at Sinter Records, one of the greatest recording labels in the 1940s and 1950s. 

Louis Serrano, Radio Globo's Hollywood correspondent

'A Noite', 18 June 1957: Louis Serrano is Radio Globo's artistic director and has a daily programme called 'Show business' at 6:35 PM. 

'A Noite', 24 July 1957: columnist J.Picilone pokes fun at Louis Serrano for his having an English-sounding pseudonym; left: Louis Serrano arrives in Rio de Janeiro, having flown from Los Angeles in 1954 being greeted by his brother Paulo Serrano and Ramalho Netto

'A Noite', 9 January 1957.

Ribeiro Fernandes is given a position as Hollywood correspondent to Rio de Janeiro's daily 'A Noite'. He flies to Los Angeles and is welcomed by 'O Globo's own correspondent Louis Serrano who shows him the ropes about the new place. Serrano introduces Ribeiro to Ely Levy, Columbia Pictures' advertising man  who converses with him in Portuguese as Mr Fernandes was not very good in English yet. 

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