Wednesday, May 25, 2016

JORGE VEIGA 1937 - 1950

As we usually only see photos of Jorge Veiga where he appears as a middle-aged singer it's hard to realized how spunky he was when he was a younger man. Here's Jorge as a young hopeful who sang at PRC-8 in Rio de Janeiro in 1937. Revista 'A Carioca'. 

Trio de Ouro sitting on the sofa: Nilo Chagas, Dalva de Oliveira & Herivelto Martins are surrounded by Benedicto Lacerda (holding a flute on the extreme right). Trio de Ouro got together in 1937.

4 February 1950 - so-called 'caracturista do samba' Jorge Veiga gives an in-depth interview about Carnaval songs to Correio da Manhã, arguably Rio de Janeiro's best daily newspaper.

'Correio da Manhã' - 2nd January 1955

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