Monday, May 16, 2016

revista 'EU CANTO'

Jornalist Jeanette Adib used to work for 'Revista do Radio' and its off-shoot 'Vamos Cantar'. In mid-1957, owner-director Anselmo Domingos asked Miss Adib prepare a special issue of 'Vamos Cantar' featuring rock'n'roll lyrics only. They were surprised to realize the rock-lyrics-issue sold out in a few days throughout the country.

Miss Adib who had been in the music reporting business since the late 1940s having also written for 'Jornal das Moças' thought it was a good time to launch a new lyrics-magazine giving emphasis to the new rhythm and that's how 'Eu canto' came to be in 1958.

The interprise must have been successful because in May 1960 Jeanette Adib launched 'Revista do Rock' that catered to teen-agers & teeny-boppers only.

Here are some issues of 'Eu canto' we could get hold of:

Maysa on the cover of issue # 3 - 2 June 1960.
Caterina Valente # 17 - Rio, 1961.
'Eu canto' # 28 - a rare photo of Carlos Gonzaga with his wife.
'Eu canto' office on Avenida Rio Branco, 185 sala 520, Rio de Janeiro-DF.

'Eu canto' # 48 (21 May 1962) with Wilma Bentivegna, Pery Ribeiro, Dalva de Andrade & Maysa.

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