Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sao Paulo 1954 International Film Festival

Zenaide Andrea writes about Sao Paulo's International Film Festival for Cinelandia, 15 March 1954.
Joan Fontaine (born on 22 October 1917) still remembered as the young lady she portrayed in 'Rebecca' (1940) - arrives at Cine Marrocos; June Harver and Fred MacMurray at the lobby of Cine Marrocos. They met at the Festival and would get married as soon as they got back to the States.
June Harver (born on 10 June 1926, in Rock Island, Illinois), Cinelandia columnist Zenaide Andrea, Fred MacMurray (born on 10 August 1908, in Kankekee, Illinois) & Josette Bertal (born on 13 February 1930, in Paris) at a caffe at Sao Paulo Airport.
Edward G.Robinson (born on 12 December 1893, in Bucharest, Romenia) turned out to be a charmer & June Harver who turned out to be the youngest and most attractive personality in the American delegation that visited Sao Paulo in 1954.
Zenaide Andrea & Jeffrey Hunter (born on 25 November 1926, in New Orleans) who would land the role of 'King of Kings' in the 1961 super-production of Samuel Bronston.
'Cinelandia', 15 March 1954. 
Zenaide Andrea tells all she saw at the Movie Fest.

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