Tuesday, April 5, 2016

16 June 1962 - Nubia Lafayette, Isaura Garcia, Caco Velho

Nubia Lafayette, a singer with a plaintive voice who reached #1 with 'Devolvi' (I returned all your gifts) in 1961 - soon to be followed up by 'Seria tão diferente' - released by RCA's Camden subsidiary. Revista do Radio introduces Nubia's future husband Salvio Costa  whom she met in Recife-PE while in a singing tour.

Salvio was an actor and commercial DJ at TV Radio Clube in Pernambuco. Soon Salvio was signed by Radio Tupi Rio de Janeiro where he had the afternoon slot (from 2:00 to 4:30 PM) presenting 'Patrulha da cidade' a policial-show. Nubia & Salvio became engaged to marry later in 1962. 

Nubia Lafayette nee Idenilde Araujo was born in Assu-RN on 21 January 1937. When she was 3 years old - in 1940 - she moved in with her grand-parents in Rio de Janeiro-DF for her parents feared for her safety in Natal during World War II. Natal was an open city that could attract bombers from the German Luftwaffe any time.

Salvio Pessoa Alves da Costa was born in Rio Branco-AC on 17 October 1936, but moved to Recife while still a boy so he considers himself a Pernambucano.


  1. Raridades, gostei!!!
    Abraços: www.flickr.com/postaiscardim

  2. She was actually born in Assu, Rio Grande do Norte, not Natal! Also, she wasn't taken away from her mother. She went visiting her grandparents in Rio at the age of 3 and due to World War II missiles, it was safer to stay there.

    1. Thanks Davi Hughes for correcting some of the facts stated here. I stand corrected and will do the necessary changes.