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1 9 6 0 - 1 9 6 1 - 1 9 6 2 lyrics

I keep on posting pages of the scrap-books of Silvia Paula Jentsch, a Brazilian girl of German extraction who was born in São Paulo in 1942. She was a fan of Brazilian-style-Top 40 radio stations. She listened to the radio, memorized the lyrics of the most air-played songs then bought lyrics-magazines, clipped the words out and pasted them on note-books, adding a few photos of her favourite stars to boot. These here are 2 of her scrap-books which in themselves is like a snap-shot of that moment in time. Silvia finished her 1st scrap-book in August 1962. 

Hebe Camargo had a weekly show on TV Paulista - Blecaute's 'Maria Escandalosa'
Jorge Goulart - Carmelia Alves were more 1950s celebrities than 1960s
Silvia's scrap-book cover started in June 1961, completed in August 1962 
Carmen Costa's 'Tem nego bêbo aí' - Morgana being glamorous
Lana Bittencourt was a top act in 1957 - 1958
Wilma Bentivegna hit a few times - Leila Silva's 'Mar Negro '(Schwarze See)
even though Carmen Miranda died in 1955, she was still news and played on nostalgia radio shows
Silvana's 'Amor, fonte da vida' - Marlene - Roberto Luna - Orlando Silva - Wilson Miranda
Silvia Jentsch's 2nd scrap-book from April 1961 through to January 1963 - Sarita Montiel 
Doris Day - Carlos Gonzaga - Celly Campello 
'Estupido cupido' was #1 in 1959 - 'Devolvi' with Nubia Lafayette hit in 1961
Elza Soares's 'Boato' (Rumours) was her 2nd big hit - Doris Monteiro - Isaura Garcia 
'Ninho do Nonô' was Isaura Garcia's last hit - 'Exemplo' was Jamelão at his best
'Sonho e saudade' is Tito Madi's most melodic song - Dolores Duran - Maysa - Alaíde Costa
'Ninguém é de ninguém' (Nobody's anybody's) was Cauby Peixoto at his best - Angela Maria 
Caterina Valente - Lana Bittencourt - Sara Montiel - Frank Sinatra
Caterina Valente - Neil Sedaka's 'Run Samson run' & 'Fallin' 
Regina Celia - Alaíde Costa - Nat King Cole's best Spanish recording:  Venezuelan 'Ansiedad' 
Wilma Bentivegna - Neil Sedaka's 'Little devil' (Diabinho)
Maysa - Roberto Luna - bottle blonde Hebe Camargo 
Wilma Bentivegna heart-felt 'Canção do amor que lhe dou' - Edith Veiga's 'De quem estás enamorado?'
Edith Veiga dressed to kill - Silvana gives her all in a TV station 
Angela Maria - Maysa - Rinaldo Calheiros 
Silvana & Rinaldo Calheiros was the most popular act in 1962
Jorge Veiga - 'Poema' was #1 in 1962 - Sergio Murilo's beautiful 'Balada do homem sem rumo'
Brenda Lee - Moreira da Silva - Gilda Lopes - Ray Conniff
Miltinho was big in 1962 - Wilson Miranda - Elvis - Os Uirapurús 
Francisco Egydio - Moreira da Silva 
Maysa - Morgana - Lucho Gatica
Demetrius - Rinaldo Calheiros - Edith Veiga - Inezita Barroso - Caterina Valente 

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