Friday, September 5, 2014

EMILINHA BORBA on Revista do Radio

If there were a research made to know which Brazilian act has appeared on the cover of Revista do Rádio the most, it would most likely to be Emilinha Borba. These are the issues of Revista do Radio that I have at home. 

We have included some magazines with Marlene on the cover just to be sure we'll not be called biased. Marlene was Emilinha's arch rival but it was only a make-believe ruse to make fans go crazy about them. Dirty tricks. 

Emilinha by herself or with Martha Rocha, Miss Brazil 1954

Miloca with Cesar de Alencar - Miloca with Doris Monteiro 
Emilinha says Merry Christmas to RR's fans - Miloca's been ripped out of the cover.
no. 381 - no. 336.
Emilinha's birthday cake - Miloca's dear step-son 
Miloca shows off ther wardrobe
Marlene's always been exuberant - Marlene & hubby Luiz Delfino.
Miloca & Ivon Cury 16 June 1956; Angela Maria & Marlene.

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