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Illustrated weekly magazine 'Mundo Ilustrado' carried a 5-page article about Antonio Carlos Jobim in June 1959, written by Nilo Dante with photos by Adir Vieira. 'Fotografei você com a minha Rolleyflex'... is part of the lyrics of 'Desafinado' and title of the article about this 32-year-old pianist, song-writer, arranger, orchestra conductor and whiz-kid. 

Tom Jobim invites a few friends to his house in Ipanema. 
pianists Bene Nunes, Tom Jobim & Ary Barroso
Ary Barroso, great song-writer from the 1930s & 1940s is surely interested in Jobim's evolutions at the piano
The toddler is daughter Elizabeth who gives some token to her mother Teresa Hermany Jobim. 

in 1960 Jobim was popular enough to be in the sights of main advertising agencies for fashion ads

Jobim arrives back in Rio (srt by MTV magazine); artist Jaime Ponciano re-invents the scene.
Clarice Lispector and Tom Jobim at her 'A maçã no escuro' autograph night in 1961.

Dupla Maria & Cota are actually singers Sylvia Telles & Stelinha Egg. Antonio Carlos Jobim who was artistic-director at EMI's Odeon label in Rio de Janeiro thought it would be a good idea to record 'Eu não existo sem você' (which has got a very sophisticated melody with many dissonant chords) in a very simple way - like country-music duos usually play their tunes not using more than 3 or 4 simple chords. He was probably trying to prove that Bossa Nova tunes could be as popular as any 'pop-tune' if people didn't know it was Bossa Nova. I don't know if he ever proved his point but this is a really good recording of a marvelous song with two better-than-average singers. I, particularly, think Jobim simplified the chords too much but I guess that was his point to start with.   

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