Saturday, April 9, 2016

3 November 1962 - Rosana Toledo, Elizeth Cardoso

Rosana Toled & a close friend. 

Ever since Maysa exploded in the Brazilian show business scene in 1956 every single recording label dreamed of having their 'own Maysa' in their rosters. Maysa was 'loud-mouthed' and given to alcoholic excesses which delighted the Brazilian media and sold thousands of records. Maysa had left her husband and as Brazil did not have divorce laws she lived in a legal-limbo called 'desquitada' (not divorced, not married, maybe legally separated). Copacabana Records promoted their own Maysa in the guise of Morgana aka Blonde Fata... Polydor had their 'Maysa' in the person of Rosana Toledo, who hailed from Minas Gerais, and was actually an excellent singer. She had her own personal troubles having been thrashed by her former husband before leaving the brute. 'Revista do Radio' lists the similarities Rosana had with Maysa... both were 'separated from their husbands'; both had a 4-year son; both sang 'sad songs'... and so on.

Leny Eversong at home in Sao Paulo.
Gilda Lopes' 'O trovador de Toledo' was #' in Brazil; 'Ramblin' Rose' with Nat King Cole was #1 in the USA; Adriano Celentano #1 in Italy; Richard Anthony #1 in France and Pat Boone was # 1 in England with 'Speedy Gonzales'. 

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